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Towards the end of 2019, I had a Skype sitting with a young lady (BDG) who lives in Hong Kong. It was her very first sitting with a spiritual medium and artist.

We had communication with several members of her family in spirit, and the portrait of a lady, who was identified as her grandmother was sketched. I later received photographs of the grandmother- I include two; one as a young woman and another as an older woman, taken before her passing with her hands on her knees as described during the communication. She also gave some feedback on the communication we received.

In her letter, BDG reminded me that half way through the sitting, her father made a comment which did not appear to be related to anything in the conversation. He said, ‘there is nothing to worry about’. She says, I appeared to be surprised, and asked 'who he was referring to?'

The answer was for ‘BDG's mother’. She now told me that, she was in fact quietly questioning in her mind if her father would have any comments for her mother. She was so taken back with his answer that she could not mention it to me at the time.

I always ask the sitters for their permission before publishing their stories on my Newsletter or website. BDG was happy for me to write about it, and added the following note:

"One hour was Esi was the most magical and uplifting spiritual experience I had in my life. I felt my energy levels elevated, and that one hour session passed as if it was 5 minutes long. With all the validations that came one after another, I was happy inside out knowing that I connected to my family on the other side.

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