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Producing spirit guided portraits, which may be considered ‘Physical Mediumship’, come under different names but most commonly are referred to as ‘Psychic Art’ and the person as the ‘Psychic Artist’. Esi feels that she is not an artist herself but is guided by different artists in spirit, therefore prefers the name of Spirit Artist.

Like all mediums, each portrait artist also works differently. Esi does not draw a person that she sees; her hand is guided to do the sketch, producing a portrait of a person who may be either in spirit or still alive. As the face develops on the paper, Esi would then link to the communicator in spirit mentally; she may hear, see or feel them. She would then give the received information verbally.

You can easily see the different styles of these artists in her drawings in the gallery. 

Spirit Portraits: Headliner
Spirit Portraits: Pro Gallery
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