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Please contact Esi with your request. Esi will contact you back for an initial interview and to book an appointment.

Booking Rates: Features

Spiritual Sittings & Guidance
60 mins consultation £100.00 
30 mins consultation £60.00
Spiritual Healing
30 mins sessions £50.00 including  follow up distant healing. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Sessions £110.00
Past Life Regression
Sessions £100.00

Spiritual Sittings and Healing may be arranged over Skype or Zoom, and the same charges apply. Payments may be done over PayPal or bank transfer. Payments are required to be made in advance of two days or more. Anyone wishing to cancel a session, please give 24 hours notice for a full refund.
Also concessionary rates are available to those on income support and disability allowance - please enquire.

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