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I usually start my demonstrations with a portrait even though I do not see the person whose face is being sketched. It takes 2-3 minutes for the portrait to appear on the paper, and following that, the energy that uses my hand withdraws. I would then work as a mental medium, and pass on the information I receive verbally.

The story I am about to give below even surpassed this! Let me summarise it as far as it revealed itself.

An old friend from the university years called to informed me that her niece was moving to London. She has given her my website and suggested that we meet up. Few days later, the niece called. Soon after, I was due to work at Wimbledon Spiritualist Church. I invited her to come along with me so not only we meet, but also she can experience her very first Spirit communication for herself.

The very first portrait sketched was a young lady when the niece proclaimed that she had lunch with the person earlier, and that was only the second time they met. The communicator was the young lady’s grandmother. The niece seemed to accept the verbal evidence, and the information I passed on from the grandmother. So I left the portrait drawing with the niece to forward to her friend. About a week later, I received the copies of both the portrait and a photograph of the friend (will call her with her initials: NUS)- I include both images below and her letter to me

“A friend of mine, with whom I had lunch on the 5th of February and whom didn’t know much about my family, called me few days later to tell me about a spiritual experience she had. She also told me that it was about me and that she had a message for me, which she wants to pass on, without further delay.

Having attended to your demonstrations in a spiritual church on the 5TH of February, just after we had lunch, she recognised one of your drawings to be of myself. From the details given by you to my friend, I immediately recognised the person in question to be my recently deceased grandmother. The resemblance of the drawing was incredible and even had the hair band I wore the day I had lunch with my friend.

The message she has passed on from my grandmother and the timing was so significant and meaningful for me that I couldn’t be more thankful to both you and my friend. The relief I got from grasping the idea that life after death do exist and knowing that I am not alone, my loving grandmother is my guardian angel watching over me is priceless. This extraordinary experience has allowed me to open a whole new chapter in my life and healing. I can not thank you enough and tell you how grateful I am you to Esi and to this life changing experience”

I am sure you would be impressed just reading about the intricacy of the turn of events set up by the grandmother in spirit to reach someone who obviously needed that connection. Further more, the story does not finish there. It seems that not only the grandmother wanted to her to know that she is still alive and around her, but also open some new doors for NUS.

Soon after we met over the Skype as NUS was still overseas. I found out what the evidence given through me meant for her. She was excited, and mentioned that she already ordered my book ‘Face To Face With Spirit’.

Few weeks later, she was back in London, and having read my book, expressed her wish to see me for Clinic Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing sessions. Not only she wanted a shift in her emotional and mental outlook in her life but also had a list of physical symptoms which could not be treated by medical doctors as they could not identify the causes behind them. NUS was due to leave again so we only had opportunity to do one session.

She later informed me that being a Naturopathy student, she searched for her physical symptoms and found out about a very old Humeral Theory which is concerned with restoring balance in the body. She thought that her health problems seemed to correlate to the symptoms given in this theory. The Humeral Theory was first systemised in middle ages in 300BCs by Hippocrates who is known to be the person to have established the medical science, and it remained a major influence on medical practises and teachings in Europe well into 1800ADs.

She explained that she also met her tutor from the college in order to discuss the Humeral Theory. It was through him that she learned this theory was also further studied by Ibn’i Sina who is a scholar and a medical man, (980- 1037). His books were largely thought in the medical schools in Europe under his European name of Avicenna.

I was amazed to hear this as Ibn’i Sina is my healing guide, and in fact, I was first introduced to the spiritual world at a seance soon after my cancer operation in early 1980s through him. He has been a large influence in my healing and spiritual development, and he is referred to through out my book. Knowing how Spirit works, I am now confident that the grandmother also put us together to heal her granddaughter and to start her in a new journey in her future professional life.

I would say watch this space!!!!

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