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Updated: Dec 31, 2022


I consider the ‘evidence’ an essential part of any spiritual communication. It is important that the communicator is recognised clearly and correctly by the recipient before their messages is passed on. I wouldn’t usually include the messages in my Diary as they mostly are private. In this story below, I am telling the most impressive evidence I have received, and from my own father!

Classic music was my father’s passion, and he used to play violin. Since the passing of my mother (2012), my father’s violin haId been kept by an old friend of theirs in Istanbul. After her recent passing, I contacted Cihat Aşkın (see Note below), inquiring if he could advise me. I wanted to donate the violin to a Foundation where it could be put into use. His advice was not to donate it, but allow it to be used every year by one of his new students, in my father’s name, who would be just starting to learn playing violin. I was very touched, and after consulting my brother, accepted with gratitude. I received the photographs of the violin above, which was now in a rather poor condition for its use since 1940s, after its restoration in Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Tangör’s workshop.

In November 2020, I joined the Fulham Spiritualist Church Sunday service on Zoom. The service was taken by a young spiritual medium named Spences Rose whom I have not known before. I like getting to know the new mediums, and Spencer turned out to be a really good communicator.

All mediums work in different ways; some offering the evidential information they receive to those they feel drawn to, and some others offer the information to all, and expect those to whom it makes sense make themselves known before continuing. Halfway through, I watched him to offer a possible communication to another lady, so I turned my attention to writing some cards.

I was still listening to the evidence provided by the medium when I heard him saying he hears a Trumpet being played. As I watched the screen again, the lady refused to accept it. Next, Spencer was talking about hearing some children playing a trumpet which was again refused.

It suddenly dawn on me that it was for me! I looked up, and saw the cover of one of my father’s children’s books on the shelf next to me- the one I included in my Diary- titled ‘A Tribute & Thank You Messages Received’- in September 20. This time he wanted to communicate how happy he was that his violin will be used by children.

I was delighted, and most impressed not only with such a good evidence provided by Spencer, but also by my father. I was blown away with the way my father brought the cover of his book alive with the sounds of the children playing the Trumpet to make himself known, and communicate with me! Would you not agree?

NOTE- World’s Children Day was on the 20th of November 2020, and I had written a letter entitled “Request From The Children Of The World’ (please see the link below). In 1979, The UN declared it the Year of the Children and organised a children’s song contest. 94 songs were entered from 47 countries and the song from Turkey was the winner, the lyrics by my father.

Earlier in the year, 23rd of April 2020 was the 100th year anniversary of the Children’s Day in Turkey. With the help of some great friends, a video was put together, showing three well known musicians; Cihat Aşkın- Violin, Duygu Aydoğan- Harp, Meral Güneyman- Piano, playing the song, and his lyrics sang in two different languages. My November letter included this video.

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