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I was contacted by a lady who simply said they would like to have contact with 'friends in spirit'.

It was arranged as a Sitting over the Zoom. I called her on the day & the time as agreed. The screen showed a young lady, trying to connect to the audio on her laptop. Once she did, the person on the screen changed to another young lady who informed me that she was the one who contacted me. So, it was not a clear run initially but we eventually did start…

I usually start by drawing a portrait. This time it was the portrait of a man. His name was given as Kemal, but the sitter did not recognised either the person on the portrait or the name. Then I saw a young girl with her pleaded hair on both side. She looked 15 or 16 years old.

Looking at the man on the drawing, I felt that he was very protective towards her. I told the young lady, followed by some further details- none of which were accepted. So I suggested that we meet again the next day. I was concerned as it never happened before. I asked her to think about the information received, & may be talk to other people around her- hoping that someone else could accept it.

I had the most pleasant surprise the next day. I include the email she sent to me below:

“I was distressed with the lost of someone very dear to me. I watched Esi on a recent documentary although it was no longer online. I had to reach her as soon as I saw it. I mentioned it to a close friend, and through her we organised a Sitting. Until then, my approach to death was very pessimistic. There were some people talking about life after death but I have not been convinced about their claims. I have been searching, reading various books, but I still was not convinced.

I decided to contact Esi at my friends place as it would provide a neutral location. Esi did a portrait first. She mentioned that the person was young, and protective of a young girl who had her hairs pleaded. She mentioned that his name was Kemal. She further added that the young girl was considered the ‘smart member of the family’. However, all these were rather foreign to me!

After the sitting ended, I went next room where my friend was. I asked her if she knew anyone with the name of Kemal. She confirmed that she did, and she was very affected when he died as she was very young at the time. As I passed on further information communicated, she confirmed that she used to plead her hair at the time, and she dreamed about him few times since. In fact, it was only couple of days ago that she remembered him when discussing joining a lottery with a prize of a motorcycle with her sister. She also confirmed that her family named her ‘the smart member.’

We were both amazed. It was the very first time this happened. We both continued to be suspicious until I showed her the portrait. She recognised the person, and confirmed. He was Kemal.

For both of us, it was the first concrete evidence. We both changed our view of ‘dying’ since. This experience opened a new door about the existence of life after death.We both are grateful to Esi. She really is someone unique…

My friend also checked with another friend of hers but neither knew his surname. Therefore, we could not search for a photo of his. I wrote about this experience ☹️and my friend approved…

N.Ö ve S.A.

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