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Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Recently, I received a message from a very kind lady. It was a total surprise, and I was delighted. Here is the story…

“Hello, I was lucky to receive a message from you back in 2014 in one of the Spiritual Churches in London. Today, I looked at the drawing, and noticed the little message at the back, asking to forward you the copy of the drawing and a photo. It’s been 8 years, but maybe you can still use it.”

Having thanked her, I responded saying I would love to included her story on my website if she could share some of the information received on that night. I explained that I pass on the messages I receive, but usually do not recall them later on. How did she recognise him as the sketch looks like a woman? What were the other clues?

“His name was M. N.

Yes, you did say it was a man. You were correct about what he was doing for work.

You were also correct about him exercising a lot. Then you mentioned you saw him holding a cat, which was very personal as we both loved cats. After his death I was often saying how much I wish I had a cat. Then one day I opened the front door and there was a little skinny cat sitting outside. After checking her chip, we found she was an unwanted pet, so I decided to keep her. After some time, I started to think that it wasn’t a coincidence and it must have been a gift from M. After your reading I really think it was a gift from M.

I had many visits from him since his death, he even used my computer once to let me know he was with me. Hence, I knew he could hear me talking about the cat. “

Having thanked her, I mentioned that I have been receiving messages from my guide saying I am about to receive a photo & the copy of the drawing... It never cease me to amaze how the things are arranged!

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