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Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Dr. William Lang & George Chapman

I always include stories in my Diary to show that there are no coincidences in our lives. It is because these stories show us that we are always supported and guided by our loved ones in spirit. They respect our choices, therefore do not give us the answers, but create us the opportunities to question- of course, only if and when we pay attention!

It was in 2009 when I attended an afternoon demonstration at Spiritual Association of Great Britain (SAGB). There were quite a number of people in the room, and Terry Tasker was the medium. Half way through, Terry turned to me, and said ‘there are two people standing behind you’. He gave me the names; George Chapman and William Lang.,I responded saying the names sounded familiar, but I could not place them immediately. He said ‘oh well, they are not saying anything’, and turned to someone else for another communication.

As soon as I came home, I googled the names, and found who they were. Dr. William Lang (1852- 1937), a famous ophthalmic surgeon at Middlesex Hospital. George Chapman (1921- 2006) a well known and respected trance medium and healer. George Chapman channelled healing from the spirit of Dr. William Lang. They founded the Birmingham Healing Centre and worked together, giving healing for some 65 years until his passing.

My initial reaction was to question if they wanted me to work with them as a healer? As I continued reading, I learned that they both had sons. The son of Dr. William Lang, Basil Lang also became an eye surgeon (1880- 1928), a member of the Moorfields eye Hospital in London. The son of G.C. Michael Chapman became a healer, and started working with his father from a young age. He still works as a much respected healer, with Dr. Basil Lang acting as his control.

Having found out about Michael Chapman and Dr. Basil Lang, I now thought that the fathers standing behind me could only mean a warning for me, possibly something related to my eyes!

Soon after I went to Istanbul for a short visit. I knew that a well known private eye clinic was only a short distance from where I was staying. So, I made an appointment, and had a general check up of my eyes. It was then I found out that I had the beginning of Macular Degeneration (MD), and it was at the very early stages..

Healers usually visit Spiritualist Churches in different cities to give healing. After my return to London, I checked Michael Chapman’s website ( to see if he had plans to do a surgery in any of the London Spiritualist Churches. There were no London dates, so called him. He answered my call. I told him, excitedly, about the visit of his late father and William, and I expressed my interest to see him for healing. He suggested that I take the train to Birmingham for his next surgery- only a two hour trip on the train. Very pleased, I did.

I had a pleasant day trip. I enjoyed talking to Michael, and received healing from him. After I returned to London, I came across a documentary by Dr. Michael Mosley on MD, and encouraged by their tests carried out in their study, I started taking the suggested vitamins regularly. 2 years later, I again had my eyes checked in Istanbul. I was told that there was no deterioration since the first tests! It has been 11 years since finding out about my MD.

End of last year, I noted that there was a blind spot in my right eye, effecting a small part of my vision. The GP told me to go the Moorfields eye Hospital A + E immediately. I did, and found out that I had a bleeding in the outer quarter of the retina. After returning home from the hospital, I was thinking if I should get in touch with Michael Chapman again when I received a message; ‘You do not need to see my son, we are taking care of you’! I was over the moon!

I am now under observation in my local hospital, and have regular 6 weekly visits for check ups. So far I can report that my eye sight is improving. While researching why I had the bleeding, I also found out about a medication I take that needed to be readjusted, as it was not only the cause of the bleeding but if not adjusted, would have caused much more serious complication for my health!

I feel very very privileged, and grateful to be taken care of by two masters in spirit!

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