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Recently, I went to an excellent concert with two friends at St. James's Church in Piccadilly, London. We originally agreed to go to one of their Friday lunch time concerts end of February for my birthday, and have lunch after, but for one reason or other could not make it till now.

As soon as the concert started, I was drawn back to my childhood as my father used to play the piece. I could not allow myself to be fully immersed as it would bring tears to my eyes- so only closed my eyes for short periods.

I then noticed that, each time I closed my eyes, the sound of the piano became a bit quieter and the sound of the violin came forward, and somehow stronger! I almost want to say sounded 'mature'!

I would open my eyes and it would go back to normal. I first started thinking “Could it be that looking at something may alter the sound you are hearing?” Then I knew what it was!

After the concert, I checked my photos and found it- the one showing my father’s playing violin. He is as almost as young as Andre Pereira in that picture.

I was struck with the resemblance. Then I knew, what I heard was my father playing for me!

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