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  • Esi Cakmakcioglu


I was invited to a four days Physical Mediumship Seminar held in North Yorkshire in October. It took place in Reeth, one of the National Park Centres which is a popular place for the hikers of all ages.

The Seminar was put together and hosted by Chris Howarth, a physical medium himself. The participants were mediums from Malta, Belgium, Australia and England, and sharing their gifts in Transfiguration and Cabinet seances, Trance mediumship, Spirit Photography, including my work with Spirit Art.

The Seminar is in its second year, and seems on the way to becoming one of the important Physical Mediumship events for future. Having heard the difficulties the mediums have in other countries with lack of support to help them in the developments of their gifts, it made us all grateful to see how lucky we are in the UK with so many centres, churches and development circles all over the country. I look forward to the growth of this seminar.

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