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  • Esi Cakmakcioglu


I had been invited to a Spiritual Healing Centre in Guernsey in June for five days. The Centre is called The Greeting Place Foundation, and is located in St Pierre du Bois which is a parish to the west of Guernsey. It is a lovely countryside with a small village.

It was my very first visit to Guernsey and I was impressed how well attended the Centre is. It is run by Ms Ann Jennings with the help of her two sisters. Their parents founded the Centre.

After helping to build and create a Spiritual Centre in the Isle of Man, Margaret and Desmond Philips moved to Guernsey and started the centre in someone’s front room in 1980. As numbers grew, they moved to an unused hotel and then on to a disused packing shed where they stayed until the Royal Court refused Change of Use to a Spiritual Centre in 1999. They have been at St Pierre du Bois Parish Hall ever since.

We could fit in an evening of Spirit Art, Divine Sunday Service, A day’s workshop and private sittings all in five days. I look forward to my next visit 10-15 November 2016.

Please see Links page for the Centre.

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