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The last entry into my Diary was a year ago when I announced my intention to write a book about my experiences with Spirit. It was initiated by a message from my late father as included in my previous story. I am happy to say that I am now writing the final chapters.

Once again, the celebration of the festive season has started by decorations displayed all around us. There is a 'magical' quality brought in with all the lighting and the ornaments out on the streets, trees, shops. Families are planning to get together during Christmas and the community spirit is being encouraged. However, for those who lost their loved ones, there is sadness as well.

In my last trip to my family home ın Istanbul a pile of old photographs I found brought out memories long forgotten. But the photograph below, which shows me aged 5- 6 with my brother, was a complete surprise. It was obviously taken during some kind of a school procession but I have no recollection of this event. I am dressed with angel wings on my back!

As a child, I do not recall believing in angels or being told any stories about them. I loved reading or listening to the stories of children's adventures. Seeing this photograph, did I really believe or even dream that they existed?

In my demonstrations, I now find my communicators are often children in Spirit. This photograph reminded me of a communication I had at Barnes Healing Church few years ago. On this occasion, I became aware of a young child, tragically passed into Spirit in a swimming pool. A lady in the back and a young couple sitting near the front row, all responded by raising their hands. When I mentioned that it was a little girl that I was seeing, only the young couple signalled me to continue. They then accepted the other evidence I had given. They had tears in their eyes.

Having been recognised, the little girl was now full of joy, jumping all around and laughing. She then said: "I am a little angel now. When I grow up, I will be a big angel". Very tragic as it was, it was also lovely to see her happy, healthy and dancing around. I hoped that her messages had given her parents some comfort.

Thıs little story ıs to show that those loved ones in Spirit are really our angels, and ask you to trust that they are only a thought away from us. However unbelievable it may sound, it is part of the 'miracle' of eternal life. So let's celebrate this season knowing that we are still together and not only in our hearts and minds.

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