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The next day, another ‘coincidence’ happened!

Recently, I had been going to Tango classes, and also found this photograph in my album, showing my parents doing Tango. I was around 5-6 years old at the time.

At the last class, Tango teacher told us that she is due to give a workshop in Munich the next month. So, I emailed my cousin, who lives in Munich, to inform her. I included my parents photo as well.

She responded saying that the photograph took her back to the years when we were young. She also recalled that my uncle and aunt used to Tango when they went to their summer place in Kilyos, Istanbul for the weekends and that they were friends with the famous Tango singer Secaattin Tanyerli.

I vaguely remembered some of his songs and found them in youtube. To start with, they made me feel extremely nostalgic. As I played one, I closed my eyes and was dancing to his music. I started getting this overwhelming feelings of yearning even though did not know for whom- simply ignored as Tango music usually brings up such feelings and passion. Suddenly a friend whom I had known since we were 5-6 years olds came to my mind. She is not someone who accepts or rejects the idea of spirit communication. She was, in fact, in Arjantin, doing Tango for a few weeks.

I emailed her and included two of the pieces I chose at random by Secaattin Tanyerli. Soon after she emailed back, saying she was sitting by a candle light and contemplating! It was her late husbands 5th anniversary of passing.

She wrote “the piece... ‘Listen darling’... She then wrote "it makes you wonder! “

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