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There has been amazing chain of events with perfect timing which led me to deliver two unplanned messages of love! Were they coincidences? I do not think so! In fact, I do know that they are not! Decide for yourselves...


I do not use social media that often. The last one I started not long ago is Face2FaceWSpirit, and the last image I put in was at the end of January 18.

The other day, for some reason, I was inspired to check the recent images on my page. Amongst many, there was a photo showing several framed images around one in the middle.

I thought I recognised the person in the main picture. After checking the name, I remembered. I did a sitting long time ago (2013) for a mother and her daughter who later kindly gave me a testimonial to be included in my book Face to Face With Spirit and website.It was the photograph of the father I previously communicated with, and the daughter was celebrating his birthday! Suddenly, I was feeling rather emotional and knew that I had to call her.

I contacted her who lives in Ankara, Turkey, and we arranged to talk over WhatsUp. Having heard the daughter’s voice, I again felt very emotional, and knew it was her father communicating. I could feel the tears were swelling up in my eyes. I was delighted to unite the father and the daughter.

After greeting his daughter, his first words to mewere ‘I have been waiting for you to check the images’!

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