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The sheer number of drawings, by mathematical probability alone, rule out the possibility of random coincidence occurring time after time. Family photographs were voluntary and randomly sent to Esi, long after the demonstration where the drawing was created. The accuracy of images and accompanying messages, the drawings with photographs in the book, and many others at, prove there are little grounds and possibility of hoax. In short, FACE TO FACE WITH SPIRIT provides eye-opening real proof of existence of the Spirit world by a professional architect with no reason or motivation to try to fool anybody. * * * * * FACE TO FACE WITH SPIRIT is an astounding book that demonstrates the very old world of spirit is the new frontier of science proving alternate dimensions theorised by spring theory and quantum physics, and the like. The factual book, packed with evidence, may open your mind to new worlds of science and reality proven by a talented architect who became an even more talented Medium.


'Graham Jennings paints a written picture about the life story of Turkish-born psychic artist Esi Cakmakcioglu'

Medium, psychic artist and healer Esi Cakmakcioglu has made London her home yet she was born in the city of Kars in eastern Turkey, a place that could not have been more different. Her family moved to Ankara in the 1960s, where she spend her childhood before settling in Istanbul.

Esi is qualified as an architect and urban designer, and worked in a dozen countries around the world including the UK, Germany, Kazakhstan, Brunei, Hong Kong and Philippines. Recently, she was presented with a plaque from the Istanbul Metropolitan Branch of the Chamber of Architects. This was to mark her fortieth year as an architect, even though most of her work had been outside Turkey.

Esi grew up in a secular Turkey, free of religious quarrels. Indeed, her scientific family did not even practise a religion. It was not until 1987 that she was introduced to spirit communication after a friend’s father invited her to two seances. The result was a lengthly interactive communication from the school and poet Ibn’i Sina (980-1037). Better known by his European name of Avicenna, his chief medical work was “The Canon of Medicine”.

He offered Esi dietary advice and guidance on spiritual development. Shortly afterwards, she experimented with automatic writing. Through scribble at first, it soon made sense. When Esi became convinced that the writing was the hand of another and not hers, she received complete messages.

She also began to hear the words as they were written. Esi began to talk to her spirit guides and ask their advise on day-to-day matters. She heard their answers clearly and any advise and prediction they made turned out to be true.

The turn of tre century saw her working professionally again in the UK, based in London. It was then that she heard about the London Spiritual Mission.

Esi had not known that there was such a thing as Spiritualism, let alone that there are some 600 Spiritualist churches and centres in the UK. As well as London Spiritual Mission, she attended the College of Psychic Studies and the Spiritual Association of Great Britain. She joined every development group and circles she could, and her spiritual gifts developed rapidly.

Esi discovered an aptitude for psychic art and took carrying a sketchpads everywhere. Although an architect, she is at pains to point out that actual drawing was never part of her work and that she only sketches portraits with spirit help. Even if she “sees” the subject clairvoyantly, she cannot draw a portrait on her own.

Her portraits were so good that leading mediums began to invite her to join them on platform. While they were demonstrating, Esi would be busily sketching. Many portraits were claimed by members of the public. Some brought back comparison photographs.

Esi’s fascinating, very readable book, packed with anecdotes concerning her spiritual work, contains many examples of psychic art.

At first, the mediums themselves gave evidence to prove communicators’ identities, but increasingly Esi added her contribution. Eventually, she was persuaded to take platform alone, either demonstrating clairvoyance or psychic art, or both. She has served London churches for many years.

Esi decided to settle in the UK permanently and retired from professional work.

Now able to practise mediumship full time, she discovered a natural aptitude for healing. She qualified as a healer with the Corinthians. Still not satisfied that she was making the most of her spiritual gifts, Esi became interested in past life regression and qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist.

Finally - if indeed there is anything “final” about Esi - she is an excellent trance medium. However, she is reluctant to demonstrate trance in public because English is not her mother tongue. However, she speaks English far better than many Brittons. Here is part of a trance address with which she brings her wonderful life’s story to a conclusion - for the present:

“there is no religion in our world. You are party off us. The world is full of people looking for a faith. They do not know that they give their power to outsiders. There is nor religion in our world. You are part of us; we are you; you are us.”

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