• Esi Cakmakcioglu


It has been a long time since I updated my diary. It has been a very busy year with my architectural work and also a sad year as my mother passed into spirit after a long illness. I now hope to be able to keep my diary updated more often and would like to start with another Christmas story. For the last few months, a little bird has been singing outside my flat in the very early hours of the mornings. Each time I woke up around 4 or 5 am I would hear the birdsong and go back to bed with a big smile. I did not know what kind of bird it was until I mentioned it to a friend. She said she has a CD with all the garden birdsongs in the UK. Going through it, we identified the bird as being the Robin.


As Christmas approached, I thought of giving the same CD to three little children in the family, hoping that I may get them interested in birds and their birdsongs. I spend a day visiting the British Library and some other bookshops. I bought the CDs but the CD did not include any photographs or any drawings of the birds. So I bought little books with pictures. I also found individual postcards with the photo of a Robin which played it's birdsong each time you opened it. Soon after, I woke up one early morning only to find that there was no Robin singing outside anymore! By this time it was almost Christmas. Somehow I ran out of time and I missed the datelines for posting my Christmas and New Year cards! The only option I had, other than delivering my cards by hand, was to design an e-card to email! During that time, I received two messages from my grandmother and my mother through two different mediums, which led me to a box of old photos and postcards- all of which I have not seen for a long time. Here in this box was a card that my father made for me a very long time ago. It was his New Year's card to me!

There seem to be too many coincidences taking place lately but I know well that there is no such thing as 'coincidence' in life. I, therefore, know who brought all these together. Can you guess?

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