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  • Esi Cakmakcioglu


Another year is coming to an end and I have been thinking about what story/picture I could add to my Diary to put a smile on your faces and to inspire you for a life full of 'miracles'. It is the time of the year when the days are short and dark regardless of all the lights of the festive season. Some of us may not feel like celebrating, thinking that we do not have much to look forward to.

It is always a pleasure to be able to pass on messages and sketch portraits for others but it never ceases to feel like a miracle when I receive a communication myself! This time, I want to talk about a very special message that I received.

Throughout last summer, I have been clearing my mother's estate in Istanbul after she passed away last year. There are still lots of photos to go through and a large number of books written by my father.

He was an artist, writer and a poet. I found copies of his very old books which had been out of print for a long time. So I started reformatting them with the intention of bringing them back to life again by publishing them as e-books.

My father has been in spirit for almost 15 years and has been very supportive of my spiritual work ever since. He has also been gently guiding me to put my encounters into a book. I recently visited Spiritual Association of Great Britain. I was given a profound message by Terry Tasker with strong evidence. The message was from my father and it was;

Dare to be a Daniel* Dare to stand alone Dare to have a truth Dare to make it known

I never considered writing as one of my gifts but I have now taken the first step and written my 40+ pages. I have even come to an agreement with a publishing company. I am not sure how long it will be before my book becomes a reality but with such a 'support' from my father, even I believe in my book now!

Around the same time of receiving this message, I came across a little photo of myself, learning to write at the age of five. It was taken by my father! This photograph put a smile on my face! Looking at that little serious face, I wondered what I was thinking! Did I ever imagine that I would be writing a book? Or was it his dream when he took the picture?

*Adapted from a hymn (1876) based on a story about Daniel in the Old Testament. Daniel was pressurised to change his believes by the Pagan king and thrown to the lion’s den but God stopped the lions attacking him.

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