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Another story about the help we receive

In Istanbul, I did another interesting sitting. This time a female paediatrician came to see me. I had previously met her at my workshop. She was grieving over the death of her child. As I started my sitting my mobile phone started ringing. Annoyed that I had forgotten to switch it off, I simply glanced over to see who it was and immediately switched it off. It was a close friend calling and I just left it at that. I drew a portrait of a lady and was describing personal information. All of a sudden I was made to do another drawing. This one was a portrait of a young child with bandages wrapped around his head. I asked the sitter if she recognised the portrait. Could it be her child? Was it a patient? She did not recognise the drawing. I suggested she keep the drawing. This could be a reminder of the past, or of what to come. Later that evening, I switched on my mobile phone and noticed a voice message. It was left by my friend. She was crying and screaming, and asking for my immediate help. I traced them to a hospital. The story actually unveiled in the emergency room. this friend took her mother, her five year old daughter and two months old son to a local park that evening. As they were leaving, there were iron steps up from the park to the street level. A man offered to give some assistance. As he lifted the pram at one end, her son slipped out and fell onto the metal step. They rushed him to a hospital and found out that his skull was fractured and there was internal bleeding! It suddenly occured to me; why I was given this portrait of a boy whose head was wrapped in bandages. The message to me was clear! The child I ‘saw’ had a mischievous smirk on his face. I told my friend that everything would be all right. I am happily to say that the child is now healthy with no neurological damage. The next day, when I called the paediatrician she was amazed to hear the story behind the child portrait. It took me few days to receive the drawing back. I was even more surprised to see that the drawing was not of a young child but a young man. It seems another clear sign that the child will grow up to be a healthy young man. This is another great example of how Spirit would help us to cope with our lives.

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