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Have you ever wondered if they can really help?

This summer, I had demonstrations in Hong Kong and in Istanbul. I had the intension of updating my diary on my return to London. Unfortunately, when I arrived in Istanbul, my mother was taken ill and all my plans were inevitably put on hold. At the moment, I am glad to say her health is finally improving. I lived and worked in Hong Kong as an architect and urban designer from 1995 to 2000. So this was my first visit to Hong Kong to do any spiritual work. I knew that there was a growing interest in spiritual and psychic development 10 years ago although I was not involved in it at the time. I was, however, surprised to find out that I was the first visiting medium demonstrating spirit portraits. In Hong Kong, I had quite a few interesting sittings but there was one which had a very surprising outcome! This Chinese lady came for a sitting, hoping to communicate with her bellowed father. Her father indeed came through and provided plenty of evidence about his character, clothes etc. all of which were accepted except for one detail; the details of his passing were not accepted. The father made me feel as though I was falling into a deep sleep, slumping over the chair. This experience was repeated four to five times. Each time the lady shook her head and said ‘no’. Apparently her father tragically jumped to his death. We left at that but that evening something was bothering me. I ended up calling her the next day, asking if there were any witnesses of the suicide. Her answer was negative. With the information provided by her father, we came to the conclusion that the suicide might not have been committed. He could have just tipped over due to dizziness or consumed too much alcohol. There could be many reasons. In the end, these possibilities were a great comfort to her. It seems that her father did not want her and her mother to suffer from the shame of his suicide.

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