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Portraits.... not always of spirit!

Each time I have a church service, I would give a brief explanation first and tell the congregation about how I work and say that they should have an open mind as each demonstration is unique and is an experiment. The two recent services I did in two different churches did illustrate this point very well! In both of them, some of the portraits drawn and the communication established were very different than any other demonstrations I previously had given. In Stockwell Spiritualist Church on the 4th of June 2010, the first two portraits turned out to belong to two living people. Previously, in two other occasions I received portraits which belonged to the people still on earth but both were given privately. This was a first for a church demonstration. The first portrait was of a gentleman shown as a younger man. The person who did the communication was his mother in spirit. She told us that her son was being given healing. The lady who accepted it later came to collect the drawing and explained that when she came to the church that evening, the first thing she did was to put this gentleman’s name on the healing list. He is in fact an elderly gentleman in hospital who very recently had an operation and in need of healing. This was confirmed and he was receiving it from his mother! The second portrait was of a lady. A gentleman in congregation said he recognised the person and accepted the information relating to her. He later told us that he saw this lady only few days ago and suggested that she comes to the spiritualist church for a healing. She responded saying she would never be seen in a spiritualist church, yet here she was, may be not in person, but her portrait was in the church! She may now reconsider her decision! Another first was at the Barnes Healing Church service on the 6th June 2010. One of the drawings given was of a young boy around age of ten. I could also see that there was a lady in spirit standing behind this boy and feeling very proud. I could sense that she was the mother. After I passed on the information, a gentleman sitting in the back raised his hand said the portrait could be of him younger when he lost his mother aged 12. The resemblance to him, even though much older, was striking. His mother chose to have his portrait drawn rather than her own! I feel that the these stories above show that the drawings and the other information given were not only for the evidence of life after death but also to show us how much involved they are in our daily lives and helping each one of us. And that, I find, is comforting.

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